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Advantages and Principles of Cutting Dual-purpose Machine



Advantages and Principles of Cutting Dual-purpose Machine

The dual-purpose cutter integrates the two functions of meat slicing and meat mincing, and has the respective characteristics of the cutter and meat mincing machine. The cutter has compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for meat processors.
1. Stainless steel shell of meat slicer, durable and beautiful
2. Multifunctional cutter motor, stable performance, high efficiency and power saving
3. Cutting Dual-purpose Machine occupies less land, has light weight and is easy to move.
4. Meat grinding and cutting are optional and efficient.
The working principle of meat mincing machine is as follows:
Simple and mainly depend on the raw meat in the rotating screw hopper pushed to the pre-cut orifice plate in the cutter box. The cutter uses the shearing action formed by the rotary cutting edge annealing furnace and the orifice edge on the orifice plate to cut the meat into pieces. Under the action of the screw extrusion force, the meat particles are continuously discharged from the orifice plate. In this way, the meat in the hopper enters the cutter box continuously through the screw, and the meat is discharged out of the machine. Multifunctional cutter has a wide range of applications. It can cut bulk raw meat into granules or paste according to the technological requirements. Meat filling machine is a new type of food processing machinery with multi-purpose, simple operation, stable quality, high efficiency, cleanliness and hygiene. Meat slicing machine is very suitable for various restaurants, restaurants, meat processing shops, hotels, restaurants, canteens and so on. Meat slicer is inexpensive, it can cut all kinds of meat and is easy to mix with other accessories to meet the needs of different meat products. It is the same kind of equipment in China. Advantages of Electric Cutting Machine: Cutting Dual-purpose Machine is power-saving, durable, convenient and fast, with compact marking structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, meat filling machine cleaning and maintenance easy, electric safety and health advantages. The multi-functional cutter is driven by fully enclosed gears, with compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance; the head of the meat cutter and the parts contacting food are made of stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free; and the shell of the double-purpose cutter is smooth, without dirty cracks and sharp edges of harmless operators, and easy to clean. Sliced meat machine is suitable for food processing places with meat processing needs such as food manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, group canteens, schools, troops, etc.