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Bean Products Machinery Needs Continuous Improvement and Transcendence



Bean Products Machinery Needs Continuous Improvement and Transcendence

At present, the competition of soybean products machinery market mainly lies in the competition of technology. We want to develop and improve the technology content of machinery products in the market.
Soybean products have always been our country's special food. Soybean products in our country are not only welcomed by the masses at home, but also loved by people abroad by virtue of advanced processing technology.
In soybean products machinery, high and new technology can improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase yield. At present, high and new technology is widely used in soybean products machinery in developed countries abroad, so as to continuously introduce new equipment and new products with higher technology content and more humanization, which greatly improves the performance of the equipment. Therefore, high and new technology is an important part of the machinery of soybean products, which has a wide range of development and application prospects.
Soybean food is recognized and predicted to be a sunrise industry in the 21st century. China's traditional soybean industry is now in a state of low output value, high water consumption, high energy consumption and high discharge of waste water and residue, which is far from the development direction formulated by the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". As a domestic soybean products machinery enterprise, it is necessary to constantly improve the technical content of products and constantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.