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What are the mechanical characteristics of sausage?



What are the mechanical characteristics of sausage?

1. Stainless steel material, reliable and durable, easy to clean, in line with food safety requirements.
2. Using piston-type hydraulic drive, under the action of hydraulic cylinder after adjusting the working pressure, the material in the cylinder will be extruded after the pressure is generated, which is suitable for a wide range of materials, especially for dry stuffing, which is more efficient than other enema machines.
3. The overall structure of the equipment is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, the performance is stable, the operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient.
Manual sausage machine applicable product groups are: boiled sausage, boiled sausage, raw sausage, Mini sausage, boiled ham, cheese, pasta, soup powder and sauce, etc. Parts have been continuously improved to be more sanitary, easy to clean, easy to operate and handle the new ideas redesigned; small sausage machine cheap, cost-saving. Sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage with sausage sausage sausage machine is good-looking, suitable for all kinds of meat processing plants, all kinds of. Stars, hotels, restaurants and snack shops, canteens, workshops, markets, etc., electric enema machine is also the ideal equipment for home sausage filling. It consumes less electricity, has low noise and improves the quality of products. It is easy to clean, new mechanical gear system, users can quickly remove pistons and refill easily, easy to clean four kinds of transparent enema tubes, easy to adjust the speed change device of upper and lower levels.
Manual enema machine stainless steel barrel, one-piece machine base, durable, two-speed design, enema machine selection of different specifications of sausage, can process different sizes of sausage, ham; Electric enema machine is cheap, various types of cutter, is versatile, easy to operate, stable quality. Small enema machine has small size, large capacity, compact structure, easy cleaning, long service life, strictly in line with international health The working principle is that it can pour fine, coarse or minced materials into the sausage through filling mouths of different diameters, thus producing sausages, sausages, blood sausages and other meat products!
Manual enema machine adopts advanced technology to develop and apply pneumatic and photoelectric control principle. It can continuously and automatically quantitatively enema with simple operation, with adjustable speed, pedal switch control system function, safe and convenient operation. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with low price, beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, sealed and waterproof, and easy to clean. It is used for making meat sauce enema, pedal switch point action. The small-sized enema machine is equipped with three different types of intestinal tubes, which can be replaced according to the size of the intestinal coat.